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SAP’s vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. We strive to make our world a better, more sustainable place and help solve some of its most complex problems. Our innovations give us the power to help tackle these issues by giving our customers, partners, and consumers the tools they need to have an impact.

We execute on our vision by empowering our customers to become digital businesses through SAP technology, so they can address the challenges facing our world today and have an impact in three vital areas

  • Economy: Economic empowerment comes from purpose-driven work. SAP software and technology enables customers to innovate and build strong industries and infrastructure and to protect the privacy of individuals and organizations.
  • Society: Health, education, and public safety are critical for a vibrant society. SAP software and technology is addressing complex challenges around disease prevention and detection, as well as providing solutions for smarter government and smarter cities.
  • Environment: Climate change touches everyone and will impact the lives of future generations. SAP software and technology is helping our customers make the world more energy efficient, and drive more sustainable supply chains around the world.

We give top priority to supporting our customers on their individual paths into the digital economy, defining our strategy around the following cornerstones

  • Enabling business with a digital data foundation
  • Running business with modern business applications and business networks
  • Differentiating business with a digital enterprise platform
  • Steering business with real-time analytics
  • Reinventing business with machine learning and the Internet of Things
  • Making companies’ digital transformations possible with SAP Digital Business Services

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