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Whenever there is a ‘technology wave’ in IT like the big data, several training institutes spring up, try to make money in short time by delivering substandard programs at costs which are not worthy of the Data Science Training in Chennai. Such institutes die in a short time frame of one or two years.

Amitysoft commenced its operations 20 years ago and invented several unique courses to provide careers to thousands of students. Based on its practice, Amitysoft invested time on research in Big Data and partnered with world number ONE in academic and technology Publication Wiley to deliver Data Science Course in Chennai to industries and students.

Why Amitysoft for Data Science / Big Data training?

Gurus from across the world have contributed to the contents of the courses offered by Amitysoft unlike other the Data Science Training in Chennai and remains the best big data training institute in Chennai. Also referred as Data Science with extensive coverage of both development and analytics aspects, Amitysoft’s offering stands out as popular Data Science training in Chennai.

Aspiring youngsters prefer Amitysoft for Data Science Course in Chennai, thanks the depth of its course and effectiveness of its delivery perfected over the years. Students who chose Amitysoft for Data Science Training and placement in chennai win the best possible jobs in the industry.

Big Data Technologies – Hadoop & related tool set

Almost every training institute has started a course hadoop training in chennai, thinking that it is another programming language like Java or database like Oracle. Hadoop is a revolutionary technology facilitating Big Data Analysis. Other training institutes teach Hadoop like teaching a simple programming language with a trivial published example. When it comes to learning Hadoop, Amitysoft stands out as the best big data Hadoop training centre, because the research team of Amitysoft understands not only Hadoop architecture, but also several of its variants.

International Certification

Amitysoft enables students for Internationally recognized Wiley certification in big data covering data analytics, Hadoop and related technologies. Amitysoft brings live business contexts into its course delivery and provides approach to solving business problems using Hadoop. If people aspire for careers in Big Data industry like Amitysoft’s past students, then they can directly go to Amitysoft to learn and get into industry with International Certification.

Amitysoft’s reputation in training

Amitysoft innovated career courses in software testing over TWO decades back and has been continually enhancing its courses during the twenty long years. During the last 20 years Amitysoft has seen several competitors coming up saying that they provide the best testing training. They are no match for the reputation of Amitysoft’s long term commitment to careers in testing proven by its past record. Amitysoft, the best training institute in Chennai stands tall among the rest in providing value to the students in terms of course contents, delivery, hands on and opportunities for placements. Thousands of Amitysoft students working all over the world are the standing testimonials for the best testing training provided by Amitysoft.

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