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The below has been gathered during an interview with the Testing head of one of Corporates as expectations from fresh IT career aspirants

Do you have a flair for finding fault with whatever you see?

I want to start my blog with an incident at my friend’s wedding. Amidst all the gala and colorful atmosphere I could see that the groom’s mom was trying to find fault in each and every arrangement made by the bride’s parents. The bride’s parents though unhappy had to please the groom’s parents to ensure that the marriage gets completed successfully. This incident reminded me that some of us have a special eye and critical mindset naturally. Are you such a kind of person? If yes we will help you build a wonderful career out of your negative

Do you have a need for a job? Placement guys hardly come to our institution, people with contacts get some job. I am equally good how can I get a decent job quickly?

I am sure most of you would agree that the happiest phase of our life is childhood, since we do not have any responsibilities and everything is taken care of, by our parents. But the minute we complete college the whole world changes and we are expected to be responsible human beings. The first responsibility is to get a good job. Statistics says a good 10 – 20% of the final year college students are lucky and get a job immediately and the rest 80% have to struggle hard to get a job. Out of that 80% maybe 30 to 40% may not be in need of a job but the rest 50 to 60% are in need of a job and are not sure how to get into a job. How many of you are like that? If you are one among them, then please come to Amitysoft training center in Chennai immediately

Do you have a graduation in CSC/ ECE/ EEE/Mechanical/ Instrumentation with good aggregate and a flair for information technology?

Whether we realize or not we all belong to Digital World which means we all use information technology for almost everything we do. Every child in current generation is technology savvy and hence the natural tendency is to take information technology as one of the core subject during their education. Are you a computer science graduate?Then Amitysoft Training Center at Chennai canprovide you all details and current trends in IT career

Do you want an IT Career which Involves less of coding & more of thinking?

We all know that Information Technology industry is one of the premium job provider since the opportunities are plenty both at offshore (within Country) and onsite (outside Country). But in spite of its attraction it has its own disadvantages too. Development involves coding and coding involves lot of in depth learning since the language keeps changing as technology advances on a daily basis. Hence it is important to learn new languages as soon as the one you learnt gets outdated. So many of the IT aspirants do not want to get into Coding. Similarly the career growth for a developer is slow compared to other skills. Are you one among those don’t want to do Coding? There is always a Software testing career which can be equally good without much coding activity.

Do you want an IT career with top corporate?

Every IT based graduate’s dream is to work with IT corporates like CTS, HCL, Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc. But that dream is possible only to those who clear the campus interviews which are conducted by these organizations at their respective colleges. Off campus interview opportunities are less and very difficult to get selected. Hence beyond this do you still want to work any of these Corporates? We have client partners with such organizations and you can get an opportunity too.

Do you want an IT career with good salary package?

The most important deciding factor for any career aspirant is the salary package. One would not accept the offer unless the salary package is good even if the organization is a good one. Only then they get to the terms and conditions and accept the offer. Are you one among these career aspirants? We will help you get placed with a salary package that merits your background.

Who is stopping you from becoming a bigdata Professional?


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