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big data course in chennai

How to Choose the Right Data Science/Analytics/Big Data Training

Who says there are no jobs in IT?
Change is constant

Technological advancements keep happening all along the history. There is hardly any decade in any century over the last couple of centuries no new inventions disturbed the old ways of working. Industry has kept pace with the change and society is getting only benefitted due to technological developments. The nature of work people did for living has kept on changing. When computers replaced type writers what was lost is typist job tag, people started creating more and more documents and the number of documents got generated through computers have become immense which would not have been possible with just type writers which did not have any storage or processing power. On the other hand, it has made everyone to become a typist – whether you create a letter in office or prepare a legal document for court/ registration or write a computer program not to talk about games and social interactions in the digital world. While type writer went to the museum, computers created immense opportunities for the society. There are several similar examples such as how motor car replaced horse driven carts, how mobile phone replaced point and shoot cameras.

Technological developments in IT is making a shakeup in IT services industry. Does it mean there are fewer jobs or no jobs at all?

Three Choices for those who want to be different

When you are looking at a career, you need to look at the future and not the past. But then there is a problem – hundreds of thousands are rushing towards the dream future. How can you be different from others? Can you select a path which is different suiting your aspirations and win the race while others are still running like a herd? Amitysoft offers three paths – Software Test Automation, Data Analytics and ERP which are not run of the mill, but dare to be different to create new opportunities.

Big Data Analytics/Machine Learning/ AI

If you are experienced person or highly aspiring fresher looking for a career transformation, then data analytics could be a possible choice. There are several flavors such as Big Data Analyst, Big Data Developer, Data Scientist etc., based on the background and aptitude of the individual. As the entire world is become digitalized and the data becoming the precious asset of organizations, people who can derive insight from

the data, people who can massage the data ready for analysis and people who can generate great visualizations to present the results become critical to the industry.
big data course in chennai

Data Analytics Training from Amitysoft:

Whenever there is a ‘technology wave’ in IT like the big data, several training institutes spring up, try to make money in short time by delivering substandard programs at costs which are not worthy of the course. Such institutes die in a short time frame of one or two years.

Amitysoft invested time on research in Big Data and partnered with world number ONE in academic and technology Publication Wiley to deliver Big Data Training in Chennai to industries and students.

Why Amitysoft for Data Analytics/ Big Data training?

Gurus from across the world have contributed to the contents of the courses offered by Amitysoft unlike other the data analytics courses and delivers the best big data training in Chennai. Also referred as Data Science with extensive coverage of both development and analytics aspects, Amitysoft’s offering stands out as popular Data Science training in India.

Aspiring youngsters prefer Amitysoft for big data analytics courses, thanks the depth of its course and effectiveness of its delivery perfected over the years. Students who chose Amitysoft for big data analytics training and placement win the best possible jobs in the industry.

Big Data Technologies – Hadoop & related tool set

Almost every training institute has started a course in Hadoop, thinking that it is another programming language like Java or database like Oracle. Hadoop is a revolutionary technology facilitating Big Data Analysis. Other training institutes teach Hadoop like teaching a simple programming language with a trivial published example. When it comes to learning Hadoop, Amitysoft stands out as the best big data Hadoop training center, because the research team of Amitysoft understands not only Hadoop architecture, but also several of its variants.

Strong foundation will be laid in R / Python to exploit big data algorithms. Machine learning (ML) algorithms with practical which are the foundation for Artificial Intelligence (AI) are covered as a part of the program. Besides R and Python, SPSS, Hadoop/ Cloudera/ Hortonworks, Tableau, Qlik, Hive, Pig,

Oozie, Zookeeper, Flume, YARN, MapReduce, MongoDB, Microsoft BI and Micro strategy are other tools on which Amitysoft has capability to deliver training.

International Certification

Amitysoft enables students to gain knowledge and skills in Bigdata and Data Analytics to complete International Certificates like Wiley Certificate. Amitysoft brings live business contexts into its course delivery and provides approach to solving business problems using R, Python & Hadoop. If people aspire for careers in Big Data industry like Amitysoft’s past students, then they can directly reach Amitysoft to learn and get into industry with International Certification.

Ask the Expert: Do you want to know more? Our experts will provide more information. Submit your questions by email to Jayakumar@amitysoft.com

Please visit www.amitysoft.com for more details.

Are there any other choices?

Besides courses in Big Data, Amitysoft also offers courses in Test Automation and ERP based on strengths of its Advisory Services & Enterprise solutions business. Please visit www.amitysoft.com for more details.


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