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IT Quality Audit

SIMBYM encompasses a complete set of collaboration tools for PPM like managing tasks, resources, costs, project defects, SDLC documents, schedule and timeline, changes etc.

SIMBYM provides complete service management such as Service Requests, Incident Management, Asset Management, Document Management, Team and risk management.

DevOps & Transitus Nexgen CI platform

DevOps is a set of practices that automates the processes between software development and IT teams, in order that they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably.

The concept of DevOps is founded on building a culture of collaboration between teams that historically functioned in relative siloes. The promised benefits include increased trust, faster software releases, ability to solve critical issues quickly, and better manage unplanned work.

Transitus NexGen DevOps Continuous Integration Platform is a single platform which allows you to manage, integrate, maintain and monitor different tools used for different phases of DevOps Cycle. The platform is developed using .

Net Framework 4.6 and automates the DevOps process with simple steps. The platform works for all applications built on both Java and .Net technologies.

The platform reduces the total effort and time spent in configuring all the tools by 75% as against manual process. Eliminates the need to manage different tools used in each phase of DevOps cycle individually. No niche skilled resources required to install and integrate.