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Functional Testing

Functional testing will involve testing the functionality of the software based on the functional requirements documented in software requirements specification, using black box testing approach. This testing assumes the product has already been tested at unit level and integration level and found to be working. The testing will be approached from the point of view of its functional users by developing various end to end scenarios to identify system level defects. Defects identified will be reported periodically. Defect fix will be verified along with regression testing to follow.

Functional testing typically involves the following phases:

This involves detailed analysis of the product, understanding the critical customer requirement of the product to prioritize the areas for testing. This stage will involve finalizing the environment required for testing, logistics for testing, setting the reference for testing and working out fix verification and regression.

Identification of various test cases, scenarios and data required for testing the product as per the agreed test strategy. Test cases will be generated based on various processes to be executed from the point of view of customers of the product using black box approach. Test execution will involve carrying out the testing as per the test cases, identify defects and report defects. This activity involves continuous interaction with the customer.

Regression testing would be conducted after the defects/bugs are fixed by the Software Vendor. The defects/ bugs to be fixed within the agreed timeframe between Amitysoft and the customer. Regression test report would be delivered to the client at the end of this stage.

Periodic reviews will be conducted during the execution of various stages of testing to ensure issues are resolved and testing progresses smoothly.